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FCCPT evaluates educational documents for foreign educated PTs and PTAs (FEPTs) from all countries in the world and supports students, educators, and faculty by summarizing the common PT and PTA academic deficiencies found for FEPTs.

The following is a collection of profiles of countries where PT curriculum is commonly evaluated by FCCPT. We have compiled a summary of the common requirements and findings.

Note: Each credential evaluation review is unique based on the documents provided for each applicant. Please use these country profiles as a guide for preparing for your credential evaluation, and not a definitive predictor of outcome.

Country Profiles

Need Support?

FCCPT offers Planned Learning and Assistance Network (PLAN), an advisory service that identifies options to supplement an applicant's education in order to meet the minimum requirements for U.S. educational equivalency or jurisdictional requirements. After reviewing a Country Profile, if you find that your education or curriculum may be lacking in one or more required content areas, consider using our PS-PLAN service for case-by-case assistance.

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