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The Type 1 Review for Immigration is a visa screening service for applicants who need the Health Care Worker Certificate, for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Type 1 for Immigration Requirements

To apply for the Type 1 Review for Immigration service you must meet the following requirements: 

  • Must have a Bachelor's degree or higher in physical therapy.
  • Must have a Master's degree or higher in any subject.
    • Transitional DPT (tDPT) post-professional degrees offered by regionally accredited universities, in the United States are accepted.
  • Must be eligible to practice physical therapy in the country of education where the first professional degree was obtained.
  • Must pass the TOEFL or qualify for the TOEFL exemption.

A Health Care Workers Certificate is issued only if the following requirements are satisfied: 

  • Verification of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree or higher
  • Verification of ALL licensure/registration held since graduation
  • Verification of TOEFL or TOEFL exemption
  • Equivalency on CWT6
  • Minimum of 210 total semester credits

Before you apply - read the following important information

  • Submitting Documents
  • Foreign Language Documents
  • TOEFL Requirements
  • Review the Application Fee Schedule, and be prepared to make payment at time of application.
  • An Included Report can only be sent to a recipient that accepts the most current Coursework Evaluation Tool. The Included Report must be selected within 30 days of application. If no recipient is selected at the time of application (“None at This Time”), you can notify FCCPT of a recipient for the Included Report, at no additional cost by submitting the Included Report Request Form, for up to 30 days following the receipt of the application. 
    • If you request a report recipient AFTER 30 days from the receipt of the application, you will have to apply for a Duplicate Report and pay the associated fee. 

Document Submission Guidelines:

Obtaining Documents From Schools/Licensure Authorities

  • Send to all appropriate institutions and licensure/registration authorities.
    • Request for Academic Credentials Verification (page one to be filled out by applicant, page two to be completed by registrar or principal of academic institution)
      • School sends transcript, transcript of hours, mark sheets, certificate of clinical hours and experiences and syllabus with the form.
    • Request for Verification of Physical Therapy License (page one to be filled out by applicant, page two to be completed by licensure/regulatory authority)
      • Important: USCIS Regulations require verification of eligibility to practice in the country where you earned your first professional degree in physical therapy. FCCPT will not be able to issue a Type 1 Certificate unless we receive verification of past or present registration or licensure in your country of education.

Document Submission By Applicant

  • Type 1 Attestation form mailed to FCCPT.
  • Physical therapy education diploma(s), degree(s), or certificate(s) to FCCPT, which have been notarized as a true copy of the original.
    • Note: FCCPT will accept attested copies of diplomas, degrees, and/or certificates from the issuing institution, if attested by the school registrar.
  • Download all required forms.

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