Appeal to Board of Directors

Important: Please read the information below before applying for an appeal.

What is an Appeal?

FCCPT strives to ensure that all applicants receive a fair evaluation of their credentials. If, after an evaluation has been completed, you believe the review did not follow FCCPT policies, you may apply for an appeal.

Note: An appeal is not intended for questioning the decision of an evaluation report. If you have doubts as to the accuracy of your evaluation outcome, it is highly recommended that you request a Re-evaluation prior to appealing your evaluation.

Who should apply for Appeal?

Appeals are for applicants who believe their evaluation did not follow policies, or was not performed fairly.

Appeal Procedure:

  • An applicant should submit a written letter of appeal to the Chair of the FCCPT Board of Directors within thirty (30) days of receipt of the evaluation report. The written letter of appeal should be mailed to the FCCPT address listed on the Contact Us section of this website. The request should outline the appeal and the reasons for the appeal.
  • The Appeal fee must accompany the letter of appeal. If it is determined that the evaluation report was not prepared according to policies, the fee will be refunded.
  • The Chair shall appoint three (3) members of the Board of Directors to serve as an appeals committee. The committee, called the Appeals Review Committee, shall convene to consider the appeal, review materials and make a final recommendation to the Board of Directors. Meetings may be held virtually.
  • No new information shall be permitted in conjunction with the applicant's appeal to the Board of Directors. Should the applicant present new information, the Board of Directors will refer the matter back to the original reviewer(s) for consideration, and a re-evaluation fee will be charged. See Re-evaluation service page for more information.
  • Copies of an applicant’s file, work papers and evaluation reports will be sent to members of the Appeals Review Committee for their review. Any committee member who may have been consulted during the course of the review should excuse her/him self from the discussion and deliberations.
  • The Appeals Review Committee may interview the initial reviewer(s) to review the background on the applicant’s file and outcome of the original evaluation report.
  • The Appeals Review Committee may interview the applicant or the applicant’s designee in order to respond to questions.
  • If an applicant wishes to have legal counsel present at a meeting of the Appeals Review Committee or the Board of Directors meeting, then FCCPT shall also have legal counsel present, and an FCCPT legal counsel fee of $1,000 per meeting shall be assessed and collected from the applicant prior to the meeting. If the Board of Directors reverses the opinion of the earlier reviewer's decision and has collected the legal counsel fee, then the fee of $1,000 per meeting shall be refunded to the applicant.
  • If an applicant wishes to have another party present the case, the applicant should inform FCCPT in writing prior to the scheduled meeting.
  • All submissions to the Appeals Review Committee either by the applicant or the applicant’s designee must be in writing, signed by both the applicant and any representative.
  • The Appeals Review Committee shall consider whether documents with additional information were considered in the process as well as whether such information may be material to the outcome of the decision, and shall make a report and recommendation to the FCCPT Board of Directors.
  • Once the Board of Directors has heard from the applicant and the Appeals Review Committee and had the opportunity to question both parties, it will adjourn the meeting and go into an executive session to deliberate.
  • The Board of Directors shall issue an opinion and decision in writing, addressed to the applicant and the original reviewer(s).
  • The Board of Directors’ opinion and decision shall be final.

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