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PLAN Plus provides comprehensive assistance and guidance from a PLAN Advisor after a Comprehensive Credentials Review (Type 1 Review), Educational Credentials Review, or Physical Therapist Assistant Educational Equivalency Review (PTA-EER) has been completed and includes a PLAN Re-evaluation service upon completion of pre-approved coursework.

Who should apply for PLAN Plus?

What does PLAN Plus include?

  • Review of FCCPT Evaluation Report: A PLAN Advisor will review and interpret your FCCPT evaluation report delivered upon completion of your credentials evaluation.
  • Identification of academic requirements that need to be completed: Your PLAN Advisor will provide a PLAN Worksheet containing identified academic deficiencies, based on the most recent evaluation, and will identify available course options to meet the academic deficiencies.
  • Review of courses identified by the applicant: If you have identified courses for your academic deficiencies, your PLAN Advisor will review the course description(s) and notify you if they will be acceptable for your academic content and credit requirements.
  • Review and pre-approval of coursework: Your PLAN Advisor identifies and pre-approves coursework included on the PLAN Worksheet to meet the required content. The PLAN Advisor will approve coursework proposed by, or already taken by an applicant if it is found to meet the academic requirements.
    • You have up to six (6) months to work with your PLAN Advisor to create a complete list of pre-approved courses for all of the content and credit deficiencies found in your credentials evaluation. PLAN Plus service ends when the six month period is over, or when the PLAN Advisor approves courses for all identified deficiencies.
    • Note: If the Coursework Evaluation Tool is revised to a more current version prior to completion of recommended coursework, the PLAN Worksheet may no longer be applicable.
  • PLAN Re-evaluation: One (1) PLAN Re-evaluation is included in the service fee. After coursework is completed, you may request a PLAN Re-evaluation.
    • You are still eligible for the included PLAN re-evaluation, even if you do not return the PLAN Worksheet of options within the required six (6) months.
    • Even though there isn’t a fee for the PLAN Re-evaluation, you are responsible for applying for the service online through your file.

Important: You should not apply for PLAN Plus if:

  • You do not have a completed evaluation report from FCCPT.
    • If your evaluation has not been completed, please wait until you receive a copy of your evaluation report before applying for PLAN Plus.
  • You have a completed evaluation report from FCCPT and were found substantially equivalent to a first professional PT degree in the U.S.
  • Your educational evaluation was performed by another agency. If your evaluation was performed by an agency other than FCCPT, you may only apply for the PLAN-Incremental service. FCCPT cannot pre-approve courses for another credentialing agency.

Do's and Don'ts for PLAN Plus:

What you must do to apply:

  • Complete the online application and pay for PLAN-Full.
    • Be sure to check with the jurisdiction for any updates in requirements prior to application.
  • Upon receipt of the PLAN Worksheet, identify the coursework that you will complete in order to meet academic requirements identified.
    • You have six (6) months to propose the course(s) you will enroll in to meet academic requirements. If you have not selected courses to enroll in after six months, your PLAN-Full service will be closed. You may then apply for PLAN-Incremental for additional assistance.
  • Upon completion of coursework, you may apply for your included PLAN Re-evaluation.

What your PLAN Advisor does:

  • Your PLAN Advisor will contact you via e-mail within fifteen (15) business days after you apply.
  • Your PLAN Advisor will review your most recent FCCPT evaluation report, and will:
    • Provide you with a PLAN Worksheet - a detailed summary of their findings that includes potential course options to meet the specific academic requirements found on your evaluation report; and/or
    • Answer specific questions about a course or courses that you have found.

Before you apply - read the following important information

Review the Application Fee Schedule, and be prepared to make payment at time of application.

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