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Welcome to the physical therapy licensure board page, where jurisdiction board members and administrators can access information and support related to the credentialing processes for foreign-educated physical therapy professionals. This area of our website is designed to assist new board members as well as those who have served for many years.

Supporting jurisdictions is part of our mission

By standardizing information collection, evaluation, and reporting, FCCPT helps jurisdictions meet federal regulations and support their specific licensure requirements.

FCCPT Mission and Vision

How FCCPT provides support to jurisdictions:

Responding to questions and providing resources related to foreign educational and regulatory systems.

  • FCCPT maintains contact with federal regulatory agencies to stay abreast of current requirements and projected changes to immigration requirements for physical therapy professionals. We communicate regularly with jurisdictions through our Jurisdiction Newsletter and one-on-one communication.

Adjusting evaluation reports to reflect applicable state-specific requirements.

  • To ensure accuracy and fairness, FCCPT uses the Coursework Evaluation Tool (CWT), which has been validated against the CAPTE criteria for PT education. FCCPT works with jurisdictions to adjust evaluation reports to reflect state-specific requirements. FCCPT will also compare evaluation tools and state requirements so that jurisdictions can help applicants understand why outcomes may vary depending on state requirements.
  • FCCPT does not write a report to a lower standard. The final report reflects the opinion of FCCPT based on an applicant’s educational equivalence, and is intended as an advisory report only. Each entity or individual utilizing a report is advised to reach its own conclusion in taking actions regarding the opinion expressed in a report and the educational credentials that were relied upon for this report.
  • FCCPT does not develop or proscribe regulations.

Educating new board members about immigration regulations and licensure issues so that jurisdictions can help applicants understand the requirements they must meet.

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Additional resources for Jurisdictions

  • FCCPT Jurisdiction Newsletter. Get news and information about issues related to the credentialing of foreign graduates.
  • FEPT Issues and Forum. Read relevant articles about the key issues that affect foreign educated physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.

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