What’s My Status

Returning Applicants

This area of the website is for applicants who have previously completed or currently have an FCCPT primary service in progress and would like to perform one of the following activities:

  • Check file status: If you have an FCCPT service that is in progress, and you want to check on the status of your service. Or,
  • Apply for an additional Service: If you have previously completed or currently have an FCCPT service in progress and would like to add a Related Service, a new Primary Service, or PLAN service.

Available Services

FCCPT offers the following services for returning applicants. Click on the links for more information on each service.

  • Primary Services: If you need a new Primary Service
  • Planned Learning and Assistance Network (PLAN): If you need assistance in identifying options for supplemental coursework to meet minimum requirements for educational equivalency or jurisdictional requirements.
  • Related Services: If you need to request:
    • Duplicate Report(s)
    • Certified Documents
    • A USCIS Status Report
  • Reactivation: If you need to reactivate a closed service.
  • Re-evaluation: If you want to request a Re-evaluation after the evaluation report has been issued.
  • Type 1 Renewal: If you need to renew a Type 1 Certificate.
  • Appeal: If you believe that the review did not follow policies or was not performed fairly.

Have Questions?

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