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Important: Please read all information for the service you are interested in, to ensure you are prepared if you decide to apply. For all service fee information, please reference our Application Fee Schedule.

Duplicate Report

The Duplicate Report provides a duplicate copy of the evaluation completed in a Primary Service, in a Reactivation or in a Re-evaluation. If a different Coursework Evaluation Tool (CWT) is required, the CWT Version Update service is required.

Duplicate Reports are additional evaluation reports that can be purchased during the online application process, during the review process, or after the evaluation service has been completed.

Who should order a Duplicate Report?

Applicants who want to send an additional report of evaluation to another jurisdiction or recipient.

Note: FCCPT will not send a Duplicate Report to New York if you have been licensed to practice in New York. If you are not licensed in New York, you must complete the New York Credentials Verification process and have a completed Evaluation Report (through a Type 1 Review, Credentials Evaluation Review, or PTA-EER service) to have a Duplicate Report sent to New York.

Applicants who need a different version of the Coursework Evaluation Tool (CWT), must apply for a CWT Version Update to receive an evaluation on a different CWT than previously received.

How to order a Duplicate Report during application for a Primary Service:

If you select more than one (1) recipient at the time of application, you will be charged the Duplicate Report fee for each additional recipient.

How to order a Duplicate Report after your Primary Service is completed:

  • Log in to your existing file using your file number.
  • Choose “Add Related Request” next to either the Type 1 Review, the Educational Credentials Review, or the PTA-EER.
  • Select "Duplicate Report" from the list of Related Services.
  • Complete the online application by entering a recipient and/or selecting one or more jurisdiction(s).
  • Pay for the Duplicate Report(s).

Additional Information:

If you are requesting a Duplicate Report for an educational institution that requires the report with grades attached, you will be assessed an additional fee (refer to the Application Fee Schedule) for the grade conversion, in addition to the duplicate report fee.


You (the applicant) will not receive a copy of the Duplicate Report unless there are differences between the Duplicate Report and the original evaluation report, based on state specific regulations.

Certified Documents

Certified Documents are digital versions of authenticated documents submitted by an applicant’s academic institution(s), foreign licensing/regulatory authority, or examining institution.

Certified Documents can be sent to a third party or to applicants themselves.

You may request Certified Documents of the following document types:

  • Academic Transcripts,
  • Non-U.S. License Verifications, and
  • TOEFL Scores

Note: Some schools do not allow us to send their transcripts. If you are unsure if your school will allow this, you can Contact Us for verification prior to applying for the service.

How to apply for Certified Documents

  • Log in to your existing file using your file number.
  • Choose “Add Related Request” next to your primary service.
  • Select Certified Documents from the list of Related Services.
  • Complete the online application by identifying the documents that you want sent, and the recipient or jurisdiction(s) you want the Certified Documents emailed to.
  • Pay for the Certified Documents service.


  • Once documents have been received by FCCPT, they become the property of FCCPT. Certified Documents sent to applicants and jurisdictions are sent digitally via e-mail unless the applicant or jurisdiction specifically requests otherwise.
  • The FCCPT final evaluation report will not be sent as a part of this service. In order to have your evaluation report sent, you need to request a Duplicate Report.

USCIS Status Report

A USCIS Status Report is a statement produced by FCCPT stating that an applicant requested a Comprehensive Credentials Review (Type 1 Review) or Type 1 Renewal for purposes of immigration.

Who should request a Status Report?

If you have applied for a Comprehensive Credentials Review (Type 1 Review) or Type 1 Renewal and have an upcoming USCIS appointment or hearing, and need to submit a report stating that you have an open service or your review is in progress, you may request a Status Report.

How to apply for a USCIS Status Report:

  • Log in to your existing file using your file number.
  • Choose “Add Related Request” next to your Comprehensive Credential Review (Type 1 Review).
  • Select USCIS Status Report from the list of Related Services and complete the online application.
  • If you would like to have the Status Report emailed to you within five (5) working days after application, then you can apply for the Expedited Status Report.
  • Refer to the Application Fee Schedule for the fees for this service.
  • FCCPT will prepare and e-mail the Status Report to you within fifteen (15) working days of receipt of application

Other Related Services:

FCCPT also offers the following related services for applicants who have a completed Primary Service:

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