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Certified Documents

Certified Documents are digital versions of authenticated documents submitted by an applicant’s academic institution(s), foreign licensing/regulatory authority, or examining institution.

Certified Documents can be sent to a third party or to applicants themselves.

You may request Certified Documents of the following document types:

  • Academic Transcripts,
  • Non-U.S. License Verifications, and
  • TOEFL Scores

Note: Some schools do not allow us to send their transcripts. If you are unsure if your school will allow this, you can Contact Us for verification prior to applying for the service.

How to apply for Certified Documents

  • Log in to your existing file using your file number.
  • Choose “Add Related Request” next to your primary service.
  • Select Certified Documents from the list of Related Services.
  • Complete the online application by identifying the documents that you want sent, and the recipient or jurisdiction(s) you want the Certified Documents emailed to.
  • Pay for the Certified Documents service.


  • Once documents have been received by FCCPT, they become the property of FCCPT. Certified Documents sent to applicants and jurisdictions are sent digitally via e-mail unless the applicant or jurisdiction specifically requests otherwise.
  • The FCCPT final evaluation report will not be sent as a part of this service. In order to have your evaluation report sent, you need to request a Duplicate Report.