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How to Apply

Below are general instructions for all new, existing, and returning applicants. You should follow these instructions carefully to avoid any delay in service.

Preparation process for all applicants

Before you apply for a service with FCCPT, please follow the steps outlined below:

Application process for all applicants

  • All applications are completed online. FCCPT no longer accepts paper applications.
  • Once the application and online payment are submitted, you will be given a file number.
    • Please record your file number, as this is required to access your file.
    • You must maintain accurate email and mailing addresses in your file at all times.
  • Gather required documentation.
    • Important: FCCPT will not begin the review process until all required documents have been received by FCCPT and verified.
      • Review the Submitting Documents section of the website for instructions. The collection of documents from the primary source may take several weeks to complete.
    • You may use your file number to log into My Services to determine what documents need to be requested and sent directly to FCCPT by the issuing institutions.
    • Note: Each primary service has different documentation requirements. Please refer to the specific primary service page for documentation requirements for that service.

Payment for all applicants

  • FCCPT accepts Mastercard and Visa only.
  • Please have your payment ready at the time of application. If a payment is not made at the time of application, you will have to restart the application. We do not create a file or save information from incomplete applications.

Service Timeline

FCCPT allows twelve (12) months from the time of application to receive all required documents for a selected service. If all documents are not received within twelve (12) months of the application date, FCCPT will close the service, and you must apply for Reactivation to resume the service.

The following timeframes are for services in review (paid-in-full and all required documents have been received); these timeframes do not include the time necessary to request and receive documents from their appropriate source(s).

Important:The following time frames are all approximate and may take more or less time depending on circumstances.

Withdrawing an application

  • You may withdraw an application within five (5) business days of submission of the application.
  • To withdraw, you must download, complete, and upload the Cancellation of Service Form to FCCPT.
    • FCCPT's mailing address can be found on our Contact Us page.
    • Refunds are completed within thirty (30) days.
  • There will be no refund for a withdrawal after five (5) business days.
    • If you subsequently reapply for the service, the full fee will be required at that time.

Changing a service

  • You may request a change of your service within five (5) business days of submission of the application.
  • To change your service, you must download, complete, and upload the Change of Service Form to FCCPT.
  • There is a service fee for changing a service after five (5) business days from submission of your application.

Existing files with FCCPT

If you currently have a service in-progress, or have had a previous service with FCCPT, you should use your existing file number to view your progress or apply for a new service. If you cannot remember your file number or are unable to access your file for any reason, do not open a new file. Review the Check My File section of the website for more information on checking your file. If you continue to have trouble, Contact Us.

Document Retention Policy:

All documents that arrive for a file are digitized and stored forever at no additional cost to the applicant. These can be retrieved at any time for future services or for the applicant to request Certified Documents. This is an unusual benefit from the FCCPT as the majority of other credentialing agencies have a limit of 2-7 years, after which documents are destroyed.

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