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Foreign Language Documents

If a school or licensing authority will not submit documents in English, or if documents arrive in the native language, FCCPT will send the documents to you (the applicant) electronically, using the e-mail address on file, so that you can arrange for translations by a professional translator.

Important: If you have the document translated prior to having the document sent by the appropriate school or licensing authority, the document will not be accepted as official.

  • The translated copies must be sent directly to FCCPT by the professional translator along with the original language copy and a notarized statement as to the translator’s certification.
  • The documents do not need to be translated in the United States, but the translation must be done by a professional translator.

Important: FCCPT will NOT send the applicant documents for translation for the New York Credentials Verification service. If NYSED requires translation, they will contact you directly once the documents have been submitted to them by FCCPT.